Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out and about

Don't know what to do tonight?

The Nightlife & Bar Expo taking place at the highly esteemed Emperors Palace, is by far the largest and most dynamic beverage, food, and general “what’s out there to do at night” EXPO ever to hit South Africa, specifically dedicated to growth within the relevant industries, public awareness, new products launches and top notch night life, covering events, restaurants, nightclubs and bars ALL UNDER 1 ROOF!

Check out the Nightlife and BarExpo happening at Emperors Palace.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hi .. its a pleasure to meet you

My name is Leshieng which means shadow in Southern sotho. It kinda sounds like meshing but with an L instead of an M. 


I am awkward, random, funny and a proud geek. I love black and
white movies, comics, indie music, musicals, reading, computers,
fashion, and everything that is vintage...So what is this blog
about you may ask? Well its about the sweet and not so sweet
happenings of my life, Kinda. SOOOO...

if you broke my heart or you still going to
if you fall in love or likeliness with me
if you are my friend
if you are no longer my friend
if you work with me... or never have
if you know me or would like to in the near future

ye shall be blogith.....

the crazy adventures and Kodak moments
the so not the moment for this sayings and wrong timings
the oopsies


it shall be blogith..........

Wow I cant wait!!!

P.S I have a tendency of making up my own words... Eeekkk 

♥ ♥ ♥