Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twice as Nice

It’s funny because when you turn 21 the first thing that people ask you is if you feel any different and the truth is you don’t not until you are 22 the least. Then it suddenly hits you that you are 3 years away for 25 and then it hits you again that you are only 7 years away from 30.
See I really don’t mind that,  especially turning 22. Since the 3rd of September (my birthday)
life has been... hmmm... rather interesting. I am really excited about turning 23 and
learning more from life and what it has to offer.


I wrote this poem when I turned 21 after reading an article about what

your older self would tell you younger self.


If one day I were given the chance to meet little me.

What would I say to the innocent soul that has no idea
What awaits her beyond the playground walls.
Well firstly I’d tell her to not to choose the unisex toughies unless she promises to tie them, because one she’s going fall flat on her face in front of the entire class.

To never fight because it’s bad...okay only if someone makes fun of her ears or her eyes.
That she must never smile when taking class photos unless all her top and bottom teeth are fully intact.
That she must not be ashamed that she lisps because one day when she wake up in the morning it will be all gone...so preach on sister.
To always tell the people in her life that she loves them EVERYDAY!!!
To remember to wipe the cookie crumbs of the table counter because that is how ‘they’ find out.
Not to believe everything she hears or sees...especially on TV because seriously earthworms
do not taste like chicken.
That mud is good for the skin so carry on rolling in it, just don’t feed anyone any mud cakes the effects are terrible.
That she must stop sucking on those pink tables they are not smarties because mom is running out of milk.
That there is such a thing as a stupid question, but never stop asking them because most of the time they actually the best questions to ask.
That there is nothing under the bed hence it is the best place to hide your treasure.
To never tell your parents that you know who the Tooth fairy and Santa really are until your fourteen or that you know where babies comes from and when you were asking them you were just testing them because they told you to never lie.
To never ever tell your grandmother that you love the shoes or any of her stuff for she will surely pass them on to you.
That those little girls are not sweet as cotton candy so WATCH OUT!!! Also boys are really dirty and smelly so stay away but that Peter Pan is an exception not only because he can save the both of you time, money and petrol but because he will never brake you heart.

That mom and dad are right about not having Pumpkin patch or Simba as a pet...believe me it is for the best...I know.
To always pray at night after you’ve read Mo and El because it good for...believe me it is.
Lastly I would tell little me to ignore all the things that Big me has told little me because life would be dull without its surprises and that life is all about the


Ls' Corner

Pitter patter, the rain falls
Filling gutters...saw saw saw
Heart now torn
Down on two knees
Piece by Piece
A shape starts to form
Wet and heavy
Drench in pain
Needle needle thread thread
Tighter and tighter
Make it harder
To break.

...... Bleak, thats all folks.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Take 1

The Jane Austen Book Club


Really I honestly don’t know but I am sure that Jane would never find herself in my position to begin with and she would know from the get go what to do. I have four reasons as to why I love this movie so much.
One: I have always loved Jane Austen and have read all... well most of her books
Two: I think that Hugh Dancy is dashingly handsome
The Third reason is.... Well I felt like I really related with Jocelyn, being the mature independent woman she is Jocelyn always puts her friends and family first, she never lets her emotions show and to loves to be in control but another thing she never wants to give into is “love” (Oh how I dislike that word).... because of the consequences that may follow hmmm.... sounds like someone I know. 
The Fourth reason: Like Jocelyn, I to have “liked” someone who was younger than me.
I don’t really want to give away the ending so what I will do is give you my ending. Girl meets Boy...Girl falls for Boy but Boy doesn’t really know that Girl has fallen for Boy...but Girl still feels positive that it’s going to work out even though both have some differences ( that can be easily fixed with a little TLC)... So Girl hints to Boy and Boy... Well Boy hooks up with Stranger Girl. THE END!!!!
Relationships between people who are different ages can be a bit tricky at times. I think that it’s actually easier if the man is older than the woman unlike if the woman is older than the man ... ( you’s gots some serious competition then lol)  because as much as we don’t want to admit it not all of us can be Demi and Ashton. I learnt that the hard way, sure maybe just maybe you do get those “Lucky Couples” who have managed to pull it off, but it isn’t easy. The reason why I say this is because women are more mature than men and by the age of twenty most women already have their lives planned out, where as men still want to have fun at that age. I am a young woman who loves the simplicities of life and yes I want to be successful at some stage (like any other person) but I don’t want to 35 and still hanging at night clubs ill 6 in the morning just because my boyfriend is in his twenties and he is “LIVING IT UP” so that is why I say it is possible but it takes a lot of sacrificing and hard work in order to make such relationships work.
Which I don’t get why I still love this movie because Jocelyn and Grigg ( the younger guy that Jocelyn falls in love with in the movie)... (Right I know I said I don’t want to give it away but I give just a tiny bit away) end up falling in love and are happy together.... which a completely different ending to my story is. When I think about it I guess it is because in the end I would have loved to be Jocelyn and that my Grigg could have stayed with me and also because the rest of the other characters in the story and there... well can’t give it all away RIGHT???
So back to the movie, here is the trailer to: 


I read that a number of critics found this movie rather average and too much of a chick flick... like one of those Cosmopolitan articles about how to find Mr right, Keep a man, Get him back or How to get over him. I remember one critic actually went on to say that this movie is about females solving the love life with the help of Jane Austen’s Novels...Phaaaallleeeeaassse clearly one can tell that this was a guy. Whether it is a Girls Guide Book to Love or another mushy chick flick this movie is sweet, funny and it has those oh no she didn't moments that I HEART.

I have actually lost count of how many times I have watched this movie and to this day I have not grown tired of it. I can’t really say why I like it so much but I do and I think it is because I am a Jane Austen fan... but none the less it is great.

One of my favourite lines is when Bernadette says "Let us never underestimate the power of a well-written letter."

Exactly why is it that people don’t write anymore? WHY???

Dear Friends and Family:
Where is my Letter!!!
Love Me 
Another favourite is when Grigg says to Jocelyn

Grigg: "Women never go for the nice guys." 

Jocelyn: "Please, men say that, but when you get to know some of these men who complain the most, you find out they're not as nice as they think they are."

I have only truly liked two guys in my entire 6 soon to be 7 years of my life ( just saying this because I didn’t really know that boys existed until my teen years...I really never paid any attention to them) ask me that question.
To be honest I've always been into the "nice guys". There is something about them, that i find really attractive.
I think the reason why some people don't go for the "nice guys" is because due to stereotypes girls underestimate nice guys. they are perceived as boring romantics that have not spontaneity and edginess hence why the "Bad Boys" are liked.
Frankly I cant stand Bad Boys, who likes pretentious people anyways.

What do you think friends???

Video courtesy of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zatP2-_NH2A

Ok lets try this again

The thought of starting something new was thrilling. I had never done this before... well actually I here, it was similar to this but in the end it didn’t go as planned and this left me sad,
embarrassed and disappointed.
I decided to give it one more try and so I did... in beginning I thought HEY!!! You can soooo do this, it’s going to be a piece of cake... just go with the flow...PHFFF was WRONG. That stupid flow sent met me packing...YES! I was about to quit, leave, wave by
bye to every memory and moment shared.
In the end I couldn’t, I had to at least try and fight in order to make this work even if it was not possible I had to do it. It did take me a while to get my A-Game on because I thought that
maybe I wasn’t good enough to blog. One never knows unless they try so I guess I should and maybe maybe one day someone will read my blog. Hence this is why I have been M.I.A for the past 2/3 months...I was suffering from BBMD (Beginners Bloggers Melt Down)!
I have moulded and pieced myself together and I am ready to

So get ready to be BLOGARDED!!! (my word own :)...wonder if it will make into the oxford dictionary.....)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out and about

Don't know what to do tonight?

The Nightlife & Bar Expo taking place at the highly esteemed Emperors Palace, is by far the largest and most dynamic beverage, food, and general “what’s out there to do at night” EXPO ever to hit South Africa, specifically dedicated to growth within the relevant industries, public awareness, new products launches and top notch night life, covering events, restaurants, nightclubs and bars ALL UNDER 1 ROOF!

Check out the Nightlife and BarExpo happening at Emperors Palace.

Images courtesy of: http://www.barexsa.co.za

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hi .. its a pleasure to meet you

My name is Leshieng which means shadow in Southern sotho. It kinda sounds like meshing but with an L instead of an M. 


I am awkward, random, funny and a proud geek. I love black and
white movies, comics, indie music, musicals, reading, computers,
fashion, and everything that is vintage...So what is this blog
about you may ask? Well its about the sweet and not so sweet
happenings of my life, Kinda. SOOOO...

if you broke my heart or you still going to
if you fall in love or likeliness with me
if you are my friend
if you are no longer my friend
if you work with me... or never have
if you know me or would like to in the near future

ye shall be blogith.....

the crazy adventures and Kodak moments
the so not the moment for this sayings and wrong timings
the oopsies


it shall be blogith..........

Wow I cant wait!!!

P.S I have a tendency of making up my own words... Eeekkk 

♥ ♥ ♥