Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lunch with sis and a little bit of heart to heart

On a not so busy Wednesday afternoon after passing my learners test (I had to re-write it because my learner expired again, Bleh!) *happy cheesy smile* 
I decided it would be great to go out for lunch with my beloved sis-ta. So we headed to Primi Piatti in Rosebank to celebrate and indulge in some good 'ol' comfort food.

I needed some serious food in my belly after a rough night with Roxanne and Michelle as well,It was a wonderful night and I was glad to see Roxanne after nearly three years. Roxanne actually moved to the UK and so she was here to visit, what other way can one celebrate such an occasion? Well with plenty of vodka and rock music. 

I say nothing in this world beats a Pizza and Orange juice to perk ya up!

I might have gone a little chili crazy though but I really love chili so much I couldn't resist! 

Towards the end of the day I had come to the conclusion that Nolo was at war with her pasta in some way and I should keep her away for pasta in the future... just look at that!

Before heading home we decided to make a quick stop at Wolves Cafe for their AWESOME Red Velvet cup cakes Yum!

I reckon this was a a day well spent :)

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