Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Okay

Dear Sub-planter

I think your name should be changed to to something a long the lines of umm...jerk!
I poured my heart out, I let it fill your hands as you open up. Instead of caressing, loving it you crushed it. Polluted the air in my dreams, then you left leaving my world musky and hard.

Its okay.

My wall came down, stepped out of my box and walked the path people call risk. I was ready, you pretended to be.

Its okay.

All your smiles and friendly Hi's, guess they were all lies.

Well here is the thing... you are still a swell guy from the bottom of my heart I wish you well. In fact I  hope you fall into a pit filled with love and drown.

You know why? Well because...

I am okay.

I can do better, in fact I was better with or without you.

The best thing you've never had

           Indeed and we deserve better.

The best cure to a broken make every okay. OH CATHERINE!

This one was for my girls: Kelly( & Catherine ( Roxanne.

Images courtesy of: We heart it

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