Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twice as Nice

It’s funny because when you turn 21 the first thing that people ask you is if you feel any different and the truth is you don’t not until you are 22 the least. Then it suddenly hits you that you are 3 years away for 25 and then it hits you again that you are only 7 years away from 30.
See I really don’t mind that,  especially turning 22. Since the 3rd of September (my birthday)
life has been... hmmm... rather interesting. I am really excited about turning 23 and
learning more from life and what it has to offer.


I wrote this poem when I turned 21 after reading an article about what

your older self would tell you younger self.


If one day I were given the chance to meet little me.

What would I say to the innocent soul that has no idea
What awaits her beyond the playground walls.
Well firstly I’d tell her to not to choose the unisex toughies unless she promises to tie them, because one she’s going fall flat on her face in front of the entire class.

To never fight because it’s bad...okay only if someone makes fun of her ears or her eyes.
That she must never smile when taking class photos unless all her top and bottom teeth are fully intact.
That she must not be ashamed that she lisps because one day when she wake up in the morning it will be all gone...so preach on sister.
To always tell the people in her life that she loves them EVERYDAY!!!
To remember to wipe the cookie crumbs of the table counter because that is how ‘they’ find out.
Not to believe everything she hears or sees...especially on TV because seriously earthworms
do not taste like chicken.
That mud is good for the skin so carry on rolling in it, just don’t feed anyone any mud cakes the effects are terrible.
That she must stop sucking on those pink tables they are not smarties because mom is running out of milk.
That there is such a thing as a stupid question, but never stop asking them because most of the time they actually the best questions to ask.
That there is nothing under the bed hence it is the best place to hide your treasure.
To never tell your parents that you know who the Tooth fairy and Santa really are until your fourteen or that you know where babies comes from and when you were asking them you were just testing them because they told you to never lie.
To never ever tell your grandmother that you love the shoes or any of her stuff for she will surely pass them on to you.
That those little girls are not sweet as cotton candy so WATCH OUT!!! Also boys are really dirty and smelly so stay away but that Peter Pan is an exception not only because he can save the both of you time, money and petrol but because he will never brake you heart.

That mom and dad are right about not having Pumpkin patch or Simba as a pet...believe me it is for the best...I know.
To always pray at night after you’ve read Mo and El because it good for...believe me it is.
Lastly I would tell little me to ignore all the things that Big me has told little me because life would be dull without its surprises and that life is all about the


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