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The Jane Austen Book Club


Really I honestly don’t know but I am sure that Jane would never find herself in my position to begin with and she would know from the get go what to do. I have four reasons as to why I love this movie so much.
One: I have always loved Jane Austen and have read all... well most of her books
Two: I think that Hugh Dancy is dashingly handsome
The Third reason is.... Well I felt like I really related with Jocelyn, being the mature independent woman she is Jocelyn always puts her friends and family first, she never lets her emotions show and to loves to be in control but another thing she never wants to give into is “love” (Oh how I dislike that word).... because of the consequences that may follow hmmm.... sounds like someone I know. 
The Fourth reason: Like Jocelyn, I to have “liked” someone who was younger than me.
I don’t really want to give away the ending so what I will do is give you my ending. Girl meets Boy...Girl falls for Boy but Boy doesn’t really know that Girl has fallen for Boy...but Girl still feels positive that it’s going to work out even though both have some differences ( that can be easily fixed with a little TLC)... So Girl hints to Boy and Boy... Well Boy hooks up with Stranger Girl. THE END!!!!
Relationships between people who are different ages can be a bit tricky at times. I think that it’s actually easier if the man is older than the woman unlike if the woman is older than the man ... ( you’s gots some serious competition then lol)  because as much as we don’t want to admit it not all of us can be Demi and Ashton. I learnt that the hard way, sure maybe just maybe you do get those “Lucky Couples” who have managed to pull it off, but it isn’t easy. The reason why I say this is because women are more mature than men and by the age of twenty most women already have their lives planned out, where as men still want to have fun at that age. I am a young woman who loves the simplicities of life and yes I want to be successful at some stage (like any other person) but I don’t want to 35 and still hanging at night clubs ill 6 in the morning just because my boyfriend is in his twenties and he is “LIVING IT UP” so that is why I say it is possible but it takes a lot of sacrificing and hard work in order to make such relationships work.
Which I don’t get why I still love this movie because Jocelyn and Grigg ( the younger guy that Jocelyn falls in love with in the movie)... (Right I know I said I don’t want to give it away but I give just a tiny bit away) end up falling in love and are happy together.... which a completely different ending to my story is. When I think about it I guess it is because in the end I would have loved to be Jocelyn and that my Grigg could have stayed with me and also because the rest of the other characters in the story and there... well can’t give it all away RIGHT???
So back to the movie, here is the trailer to: 


I read that a number of critics found this movie rather average and too much of a chick flick... like one of those Cosmopolitan articles about how to find Mr right, Keep a man, Get him back or How to get over him. I remember one critic actually went on to say that this movie is about females solving the love life with the help of Jane Austen’s Novels...Phaaaallleeeeaassse clearly one can tell that this was a guy. Whether it is a Girls Guide Book to Love or another mushy chick flick this movie is sweet, funny and it has those oh no she didn't moments that I HEART.

I have actually lost count of how many times I have watched this movie and to this day I have not grown tired of it. I can’t really say why I like it so much but I do and I think it is because I am a Jane Austen fan... but none the less it is great.

One of my favourite lines is when Bernadette says "Let us never underestimate the power of a well-written letter."

Exactly why is it that people don’t write anymore? WHY???

Dear Friends and Family:
Where is my Letter!!!
Love Me 
Another favourite is when Grigg says to Jocelyn

Grigg: "Women never go for the nice guys." 

Jocelyn: "Please, men say that, but when you get to know some of these men who complain the most, you find out they're not as nice as they think they are."

I have only truly liked two guys in my entire 6 soon to be 7 years of my life ( just saying this because I didn’t really know that boys existed until my teen years...I really never paid any attention to them) ask me that question.
To be honest I've always been into the "nice guys". There is something about them, that i find really attractive.
I think the reason why some people don't go for the "nice guys" is because due to stereotypes girls underestimate nice guys. they are perceived as boring romantics that have not spontaneity and edginess hence why the "Bad Boys" are liked.
Frankly I cant stand Bad Boys, who likes pretentious people anyways.

What do you think friends???

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