Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happi Happi

The aftermath of the weekend past is still visible on everyone faces. Their faces are glowing with hope and determination to make this year the year of change and growth, however my glow is flickering and about to go from this glow to this blinding light (smiling ear to ear). New years eve was great! I went to a friend of a friends house the company, food and the wine was an excellent way to spend the final hours of 2010.

Ten seconds before the count down everyone was scrunching around for the remote and their watches... too funny. Ten seconds away from 2011 I started reflecting on what a great year it has been. I made new friends and lost some who I thought were dear to me. I found myself and grew to like myself from my curves, my hair down to my chocolate skin. I opened up about certain things and learnt that I will always have people that I can trust and share my feelings and struggles with. I re-discover my love for poetry ,art, photography, music and the simplicity of life... I was happy.

I was then snap back into reality when everyone started dancing and cheering, then out of no where someone suggested that it would be a great idea to walk from Parkhurst to Greenside and continue the partying at Mama Thembos Shebeen. We all said YES to that... WHY? I really don't know so we set off and went partying some of us ran while others jogged, I decided to walk because I couldn't run after a couple of wine glasses...Hahaha I really need to go back to the gym and get fit again...bleh!!!

All in all it was a well spent new years, I enjoyed myself and love every moment of it.

Hello 2011, its a pleasure to meet you!

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